Ware of the Dog is a luxury dog accessory collection created by Jackie Rosenthal. The collection represents a high level of design and craft. The name of the collection and signature safety orange accent is inspired by Beware of the Dog signs found on many of your neighbor’s fences here in New York City. The pieces in the collection imbue this sense of humor and graphic sensibility.

Ware of the Dog was started on the basis of creation. We often try to interpret what is happening in the fashion world into the designs. We play around with new ideas of construction, often juxtaposing contrasting colors, stitches, or materials into the pieces. Our designs are bold with unexpected color combinations. 

The collection is available at high-end fashion, lifestyle and pet stores in the U.S. and abroad, as well as on our web store.

The collection has been featured in The NY Times, Vogue, Style.com, NY Magazine, The Telegraph, House Beautiful, Italian Glamour, Cool Hunting, and Four & Sons, among others. 

Ware of the Dog works with artists and craftsmen to create special one-of-a-kind items designed exclusively for the collection.